Promising Trends in the Development of Aerospace Defense Forms and Methods in the Russian Federation


Col. A.P. KORABELNIKOV (Ret.), Doctor of Military Sciences

Abstract. The author outlines a series of promising trends in the development of aerospace defense forms and methods in the Russian Federation and suggests expedient methodological changes in the current approach to organizing the latter.

Keywords: fighting the aerospace adversary, aerospace defense, air defense, flexible aerospace defense, flexible air defense, form, operation, method.

At the moment, the troops (forces) intended to effect aerospace defense (AD), as well as the RF Aerospace Defense itself, are largely in a state of yet another transformation caused by objective changes in conditions of RF Aerospace Defense organization and in the content of confrontation with the aerospace adversary. All of that is bound to cause corresponding changes in the forms and methods of RF Aerospace Defense and approaches to its organization.

It appears expedient, therefore, to focus on systematized points in the following three areas:

- likely trends in the development of RF AD forms;

- promising trends in the development of AD combat methods;

- expedient methodological changes in the approach to organizing RF AD.

Before one tackles these, it might be a good idea to recall how the content and form categories correlate in the general scientific parlance. In accordance with dialectic materialism, "form and content are philosophical categories in whose interaction content, being as it is the defining side of the whole, constitutes a unity of all the constituents of the item, its properties, inner processes, relationships, contradictions, and trends, while form is a method of the content's existence and expression.... In the form-content interrelation content constitutes a mobile, dynamic side of the whole, while form encompasses a system of durable ties with-

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in the object. The imbalance between form and content that emerges in the course of development will ultimately be settled by shedding the old form and acquiring a new one ...

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