Daily Counterterrorist Activities as Israel's Way to Fight Terrorism

Author: V.V. ZELYONY

Col. V.V. ZELYONY, Candidate of Political Sciences

Abstract. The author chose Israel to illustrate what it means to fight terrorism every day and what targets daily counterterrorist activities (CTA) are directed at, who fights terrorists and how they do it. The author offers his own definition of CTA, and gives an assessment of the efficiency of counterterrorist activities as he understands them.

Keywords: daily counterterrorist activities, fight against terrorism, preemption and prevention of terrorist acts, Israel.

Laws and regulations legislated in Russia define terrorism as a global challenge of our times.1 It is neutralized in the Russian Federation with academic support, relying on the indigenous background and on research in the experience of other countries,2 primarily those that have made the most significant advances against terrorism, Israel coming to mind first as the country that has made the greatest inroads in its fight against terrorism. Its counterterrorist policy is efficient because it responds to the acts of terrorism in ways best fitting the situation, such as 24/7 counterterrorist activities (CTA).

You will not find a CTA definition as a variety of antiterrorist operations in black-and-white in any Israeli law or regulation. And yet, a close look at what the Jewish state is doing to fight terrorists leaves you in no doubt that CTA is in there. Essentially, it is what the authorized government agencies and other elements of the political system of Israeli society's are doing to counter terrorism routinely every minute of the day, making it a lifestyle everyone takes in their stride. Like anything else, CTA is a way of existence built around a core that is basically made up of a set of measures authorized government agencies and civil society institutions are enforcing primarily to prevent acts of terrorism and, if necessary, take on terrorism directly.

Two circumstances explain why counterterrorist activities are singled out as an independent form of the ...

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