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In This Issue:

V. Tambovtsev: "The purpose of this article is to analyze the relationship between the concepts of 'public goods' and 'public interests,' whose 'consonance' (or, more precisely, the coincidence of the adjectives employed) is sometimes used for the 'scientific' validation of an expansion of state intervention in the life of society and individual citizens."

V. Khevrolina: "Countries comprising the so-called Crimean system (that emerged after the Crimean War) sought to undermine Russia's role in the Balkans and prevent it from increasing its influence on European affairs... it was a matter of principle for St. Petersburg to emerge from international isolation, which could only be achieved by a multidirectional policy of temporary alliances."

I. Semenenko-Bassin: "The new reception of Occidental saints in Russian religious culture has been prompted by the experience of 20th-century refugees who became acquainted with the images of ancient martyrs and ascetics of Europe. As a result of the Civil War in Russia, an alternative Russian world was formed outside the USSR... Not the least reason why Russian refugees turned to hagiography was the problem of identity and the search for an answer to the question of the meaning and mode of the existence of Orthodoxy in a foreign cultural environment."

V. Vlashchenko: "Laughter in Lermontov's novel can be seen as an expression of the hero's ontological position. It is impossible to fathom the metaphysical depths of Pechorin's soul and understand the inherent link between laughter and the main hero's tragic fate without reading the whole novel analytically."

M. Mensky: "Among our contemporaries no one has done more to popularize the idea of 'quantum consciousness' than Roger Penrose... an important motive of Penrose's reflections on the quantum nature of consciousness was ... the phenomenon of intuitive insights ... we are talking about insights that provide answers to key questions and have to do with the choice of paradigm... The approaches ...

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