Val. LUKOV. Youth Theories: Interdisciplinary Analysis

Author: T. Kuznetsova

Вал. ЛУКОВ. Теории молодежи: Междисциплинарный анализ, М.: Канон + РООИ Реабилитация, 2012, 528 с.

Val. LUKOV. Youth Theories: Interdisciplinary Analysis, Moscow: Canon + Russian Non-Governmental Organization of Disabled Persons, 2012, 528 pp.

Youth problems have been receiving much attention in the humanities and in social sciences, being live issues at every stage of society's development. In fact, the younger generation exerts a great impact on this development and essentially determines the vectors of movement towards the future and the future itself. In addition youth issues attract a large number of scholars who are just beginning research. To them, the values, views, the material and symbolic world of the young are more comprehensible and accessible than to other age groups. Hence, youth studies have accumulated a large body of data to be interpreted theoretically. There are also a number of theoretical systems and conceptual approaches which call for analysis, classification, criticism, and philosophical generalization. Some attempts of such generalizations have been made a number of times, but normally, in some particular sciences as sociology, psychology, educational science, anthropology, philosophy of culture, etc. The issue of what is the relationship between the youth theories developed in particular sciences separated by disciplinary barriers, to what extent it is at all possible and productive has so far received no systematic study.

That makes the monograph by Valery Lukov of particular importance. In fact, that monograph is based on a review of over 1000 books, papers and studies on the youth issues in Russian, English, German, French Polish, Bulgarian, Rumanian, Czech and other languages. The book publishers rightly emphasize that this is the most comprehensive presentation and generalization of youth theories ever undertaken to date, which gained a wide recognition throughout the world.

It is noteworthy that Valery Lukov is one of the leaders of the research school investigating youth issues. That school was developed in the Moscow Humanities


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