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In This Issue:

A. Yakovlev, L. Freynkman, A. Zolotov: "This paper includes a review of the main trends in the development of independent analytical centers (think tanks) in the area of economic policy in Russia. Let us emphasize that the focus of our attention is not the entire economic analysis market, but primarily independent centers engaged mainly in 'analytical' research, i.e., in the study of more fundamental and long-term problems of economic development at the national level and at the level of individual economic sectors."

B. Kotov: "The Second Balkan War was an important turning point in Russian attitudes to the Balkan Slavonic peoples. It buried the illusions that it was possible to merge all Orthodox Balkan peoples into a powerful coalition friendly to Russia and presented the Russian public and Russian diplomacy with the need to back one of the irreconcilable adversaries-Serbia or Bulgaria."

I. Monakhova: "The current situation is reminiscent of the times of Gogol in that then, as now, the Church had a great-if not unlimited-influence on society. Some had a critical attitude toward it as society straggled to find new paths of development while at the same time seeking to reappraise the traditional path. Gogol's visionary work was perhaps one of the most valiant attempts to do so. This may be why it is easier for us today to understand Gogol the preacher. The historical experience our country lived through during the past century, replete as it was with turbulence and upheavals, demonstrates how justified Gogol's premonitions were concerning his country's destiny."

A. Yakovlev: "John Locke's An Essay on Human Understanding is an attempt to draw boundaries, and to define the limits of knowledge by placing man in a chain of being, in a hierarchy of the intellectual world. There man occupies one of the lamentably low places and, besides the Revelation, bestowed on him out of pity, can only rely ...

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