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(Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

No. 2, 2015: O. Favorsky et al. Why Should Begin Implementation of the Energy Strategy of Russia; V. Ilyin. Computational Mathematics and Computer Science: Global Challenges and Russian "Road Map"; N Mazov, V. Gureyev. Alternative Approaches to the Evaluation of Scientific Results; O. Lavrik, I. Gusner. The Academic Library as a Research Institute; B. Porfiryev. Economic Consequences of the Catastrophic Flood in the Far East in 2014; S. Viktorov et al. Effective Explosive Training during the Development of Stratified Deposits; V. Levashov. Socialization of the State versus Etatisation of the Society; R. Galiulin et al. Agrochemistry of the Persistent Pesticides; N. Makhutov et al. Creation of North Modification Appliances Is the Problem of Socioeconomic Development of the Russian Eastern Regions; A. Zhuravlyov, A. Yurevich. Metamorphosis of Liberal Psychotype; G. Zaikina. The Energy Sector as the Engine of Innovation Economics; A. Finkelshteyn. H-index and RAS.

No. 3, 2015: T. Khabriyeva. The Legal System of the Russian Federation in Terms of International Integration; G. Sobolev. The Methodology, Results and Problems of Earthquake Prediction; I. Minervin et al. The Zoning of the Okhotsk and the Japanese Seas Ice Cover; L. Shchegoleva et al. Generalized Portrait of the Academic Dissertation Council; V. Kosolapov, Z. Sham-sutdinov. The Use of Genetic Resources for Breeding Innovative Varieties Forage Crops; B. Belan. The Transfer of Vehicles to Gas: Possible Problems; E. Theres, I. Theres. The Synthesis Reaction Is the Main Source of the Earth Internal Energy; V. Parmon. Possible Observation of Kinetic Isotope Effects in the Life Cycles of Living Organisms at Deuterium Very Low Concentrations; I.Andreyev. Philosophical Aspects of ...

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