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Dear readers,

Today this traditional section has been given over completely to representatives of Russia's leading military training establishment. Faculty and staff of the Military Academy of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces, which these days is marking its 170th anniversary, share their considerations about the military art.


The Academy of the General Staff was originally founded as the Imperial Military Academy (from 1855, the Nikolaev Academy of the General Staff; from 1918, the Academy of the General Staff of the Workers' and Peasants' Red Army, or RKKA) in St. Petersburg, in 1832, "to prepare officers for service at the General Staff." Throughout its history the Academy has undergone frequent reorganizations with changes in its command and organizational structure and name as well as the content of curricula and terms of training. Two approximately equal periods can be singled out in its 170-year old history: the first, from 1832 until August 1918, is connected with St. Petersburg; the second, from December 1918 until now, with Moscow, where the Military Academy of the General Staff of the RKKA was created.

Period 1: the evolution of the Russian higher military school. It was marked by an ongoing search for the most effective ways of training military officers, not only in the military theory but also in practical command and control skills. Students of the Academy's history are somewhat divided on this period of its activity. Many believe that 1878 through 1889 were the most fruitful years, when the Academy was headed by M. I. Dragomirov, an army general and well-known military theoretician. He tapped prominent scholars-Professors G. A. Leer, A. K. Puzyrevskiy, P. K. Gudim- Levkovich, P. L. Lobko, and others-to work at the Academy. He oversaw a reorientation in training and research toward more realistic conditions.

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