Law Regulating Overseas NGOs Adopted

Draft Law on Overseas NGOs Eases Restriction, Likely to Be Put for Vote

(Xinhua News Agency, April 25, 2016. Complete text:) Beijing - A draft law to regulate NGOs from outside the Chinese mainland, submitted for its third reading on Monday [April 25], eases restrictions on their operation and activities.

The bill was submitted to the bi-monthly session of the National People’s Congress (NPC) Standing Committee, which runs Monday to Thursday.

The NPC Law Committee suggested in a review report that the bill should be put for a vote at this session.

The bill regulates the activities of overseas NGOs in China and protects their rights and interests, said Xu Xianming, deputy head of the NPC Law Committee, who elaborated the review report to the lawmakers.

Many overseas NGOs involved in charity and academic exchanges in China have played a positive role, since the reform and opening-up drive started in the late 1970s.

"Since they have grown in number and their activities have intensified, it is necessary to regulate and guide their activities," Xu said.

The draft law targets the activities of NGOs founded outside the Chinese mainland. However, exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and overseas colleges, hospitals and research institutes of science and engineering will follow existing regulations.

It also removes the restriction limiting each NGO to a single office on the Chinese mainland. They will be allowed to open offices according to operational needs but the number and locations must be approved by the regulatory authority.

The bill also removes the five year limit on operations of representative offices in China.

According to the bill, representative offices of overseas NGOs and overseas NGOs carrying out temporary activities in China are forbidden from recruiting members on the mainland, with an exception for those having obtained approvals from the ...

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