Grassroots CPC Members Embrace Self-Discipline Campaign

(Xinhua News Agency, May 11, 2016. Complete text:) Beijing - Yang Lindong got up early, packed up some bags of seed potatoes and headed to a remote village in the mountains to hand out the seeds.

Yang, a researcher with Shanxi provincial academy of agricultural sciences, has been the head of a village in Loufan County since last year, when he answered the call for members of the Communist Party of China (CPC) to become Party chiefs in poor villages.

During the past few months, Yang has studied the Party Constitution and rules as well as remarks by CPC leaders. "By taking these courses, I have gained some new understanding about the job I’m doing," he said.

According to the Party Constitution, the CPC represents the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the Chinese people. "The study heightened my sense of duty and reinforced my determination to serve the villagers," he said.

The courses Yang has taken are part of a year-long campaign launched by the CPC in February to instill good values in its 87 million members.

Besides studying Party rules and values, members are also required to think and act in conformity with CPC Central Committee policies and guidelines, to work hard to serve the people and to make a contribution to social and economic development.

"For my part, serving the people means helping the villagers grow more potatoes," Yang said.

So far, about 10 hectares of farmland are under the new strain of potato he brought in. "This year, another 600 hectares will be added," he said.

Besides grassroots officials like Yang, CPC members in China’s business community are campaigning in their own way.

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