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A. Auzan: "There is a paradoxical regularity that has long required an explanation: why is it that a country which was able in the 20th century to create atomic and hydrogen bombs, spacecraft, satellites and hydraulic turbines has been unable to create a competitive car, TV set or refrigerator? The first assumption is that unique, small-batch and one-off products are easier to create because cultural capital in the country is characterized by creativity (a capacity for non-standard activity, as shown by sociological research)."

A. Balashov, Ya. Martyanova: "The competitiveness and quality of military products basically depend on the level of the core technologies used. Meanwhile, the scientific and technological capabilities of the Russian MIC created in the Soviet period are practically exhausted."

A. Kiva: "What is one to make of the Arab Spring? If antigovernment protests began spontaneously and swept almost the whole Arab world, this could not have been an accident. In fact it was the first attempt of the Arab masses to assert their right at least to take part in the political life of their countries, if not to determine their destiny. The protests were initiated by young people but later spread to attract people from different social strata, of various age groups and occupations, etc."

V. Yarantsev: "...The novel largely demonstrates the unbridled fantasy of both its authors, who seem to vie with each other in exuberant, 'way-outness' which formed the basis for the composition (but not for an image) of this science fiction adventure novel, that is, precisely the direction in which Shklovsky was nudging Ivanov. This suggests that it was Ivanov and not Shklovsky who played the key role in the writing of this novel."

V. Vizgin: "I see Husserl's phenomenology as a productive impasse of new European rationalism. Indeed, the questions posed by Husserl in The Crisis of European Sciences... indicate that all this ...

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