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(Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

No. 7, 2015: N. Klyuyev. Natural Resource Sphere of Russia and Trends of It's Changing; A. Pustoshny, K. Sazonov. The Tasks of Shipbuilding Science at the Present Stage of Arctic Exploration; V. Kondakov, V. Kurnayev. On the New Rules for the Awarding of Academic Degrees; V. Trifonov, S. Sokolov. On the Way to Postplate Tectonics; D. Kondratov. Problems of the World Oil Market; N. Mazov, V. Gureyev. Publications of Any Price?; S. Shvartsev. The Basic Contradiction that Defined the Mechanisms and Direction of the Global Evolution; R. Sunayev, S. Grebnyov. Zeldovich "Effects," Imprinted on Our Sky. The 100th Birth Anniversary of Academician Ya. Zeldovich; V. Sobolev. The 12th President of the Academy of Sciences. The 100th Year Anniversary of the Death of Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich Romanov; Yu. Korshunov. Russian-German Scientific Event in Berlin.


(Problems of History)

No. 5, 2015: The Conference of the Prague Group of the Socialist Revolutionary Party. 1931; V. Falin. History Is the Best Teacher and We Are Negligent of Its Students; G. Grebenshchikova. Ivan Vasilyevich Gudovich; V. Nazarov. The Organization of Railway Traffic in the Western Regions of the USSR in 1939-June 1941; A. Gordin et al. The Gorky Region during the Great Patriotic War; Ye. Shendrikov. M. von Weichs' Report on the Actions of Army Group "Weichs" in the Direction of Voronezh in June-July 1942; A. Vershinin. France and the Beginning of the Civil War in Spain in 1936; V. Kudryakov. Image of Edward IV in the Works of Domenico Mancinus and the Crowland Anonymous; S. Gasratyan. The Relationship ...

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