Investigation on Lei Yang’s Death: Seeking Justice Via Legal Procedures

Author: Jiang Yun

(By Jiang Yun. Renmin Ribao (人民网, People’s Daily Online), June 2, 2016. Complete text:) The People’s Procuratorate of Beijing Municipality said on Wednesday [June 1] that it was investigating five people, including at least one police officer, in relation to the mysterious death of 29-year-old Lei Yang. Lei died shortly after he was taken away by plainclothes police on suspicion of visiting prostitutes on May 7, 2016.

Lei Yang’s family filed a report with prosecutors over his death last month in Beijing’s north-west district of Changping. The prosecutors’ office in Beijing said the family has been notified with the details of any new progress following the legal procedure.

Justice needs to be sought in a transparent manner that has been overseen by all. From timely information updates regarding the case, to third party autopsy, to the statement put out by the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau promising not to shield their faults, to the municipal procuratorate’s investigation, people can see the law enforcement’s determination to promote openness and transparency during the implementation of the Rule of Law.

The fundamental difference between the Rule of Law and the Rule of Man can be found in the details of procedural justice. Despite the fact that the autopsy pathology is still in the midst of being tested, the results are yet to be unveiled, and time is still needed for the investigation, the evidence and facts must be admitted and sought through legal procedures in the context of the Rule of Law. We shall wait and continue our supervision of the case and make sure our concerns about this case will be transferred into the kind of force that promotes legal justice.

The public’s concerns about the Lei Yang case are not limited to whether or not public safety exists, they also stem from a faith in fulfilling justice and the Rule of ...

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