China Youth League Reforms to Reinforce CPC Leadership

(Xinhua News Agency, Aug. 3, 2016. Complete text:) Beijing - China is planning an overhaul of the Communist Youth League (CYL) to reinforce youth belief in the Communist Party of China (CPC) and pump vigor into the cause of national rejuvenation.

The general office of the CPC Central Committee on Tuesday [Aug. 2] published a document outlining plans for CYL reforms, noting that CYL committees will be downsized with more staff assigned to the grassroots level to directly serve the country’s youth, with bureaucratic procedures streamlined.

According to the plan, positions in the CYL should be filled by talented CPC and CYL workers who "know about, understand and love young people."

CYL delegates should pay more attention to the opinions of CYL members and ordinary young people, the document said.

The CYL should also take responsibility for encouraging young people to "listen to the Party and follow the Party," while serving and protecting teenagers’ lawful rights.

A Risk of Alienation

The CYL had about 88 million members and more than 3.87 million organizations across the country at the end of 2015.

Since its founding in 1922, the CYL has been regarded as a bridge and bond linking the nation’s youth with the Party. It also plays a fundamental role as the assistant and talent reserve for the CPC.

But there has been a worry that the CYL has lost its connection with young people and formed undesirable work styles, including formalism, bureaucratism, elitism and a focus on entertainment.

"Some CYL delegates have misinterpreted their role and placed themselves as administrative bureaucrats, focusing merely on official promotion instead of serving the immediate needs of young people," said Lu Shizhen, professor with the China Youth University of Political Studies, which is directly affiliated with the CYL Central Committee.

According to a ...

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