CPC Acts to Ensure Clean Promotion of Officials

(Xinhua News Agency, Aug. 30, 2016. Complete text:) Beijing - To eradicate corruption, just hunting "flies" and "tigers" is not enough; it is important to stop the emergence of more to take their place.

As the Communist Party of China (CPC) brings down corrupt petty (flies) and high-ranking (tigers) officials, it is now ready to ensure purely merit-based promotion.

A circular released Monday [Aug. 29] listed six measures to prevent "sick" officials - those with besmirched records or questionable morals - from being promoted.

The daily life of officials as well as their work performance will be examined and a database of the findings established. Superior authorities should analyze candidates’ disciplinary records and investigate any reports of possible wrong-doing. Any unresolved issues will lead to suspension of the promotion procedure.

Even after officials have been appointed, they must undergo examination on their morals, family life and performance before assuming office. Only the clean, loyal and responsible will be promoted.

"Only long-term observation and analysis can diagnose an official’s ‘sickness’ and the severity of the affliction," said Xie Chuntao of the CPC Central Committee Party School.

The circular instructs authorities to fully understand an official before considering him or her for promotion. The circular comes as a local Party leadership change once every five years is ongoing across China. Heads of various Party organizations will be held responsible for inappropriate promotions.

Elevation of a few "sick" officials harms the whole party, sowing the seeds of corruption and frustrating the majority of clean officials, said Xin Xiangyang of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

China’s official promotion mechanism generally involves both recommendations and competitive assessment. "When the higher authorities recommend an official as candidate, they must guarantee the Party and the people that their choice is a correct one," said Xin Ming also of the ...

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