Successful China-Led G20 Concludes

Xi Takes World’s Center Stage at G20 Summit

(Xinhua News Agency, Sept. 4, 2016. Complete text:) Hangzhou - Leaders of the G20 economies took a break on Sunday [Sept. 4] from their tight schedules and set sail into the night waters of the West Lake in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou.

The image of Chinese President Xi Jinping standing among leaders from emerging markets and developed countries sends a strong signal: that we are in the same boat, with China charting the course ahead this time.

Hours earlier, Xi, the helmsman of the world’s second largest economy, had referred to boats metaphorically to stress the need of joint efforts when addressing leaders of the world’s leading economies who have gathered for their annual meeting.

"To brave through the rough waters of world economy and start a new journey for future growth, it’s good to know that we are in the same boat," he said in the opening address of the G20 summit.

"Let’s make Hangzhou a new departure point and steer the giant ship of global economy on a new voyage from the shore of the Qiantang River to the vast ocean," the Chinese president said.

For the world’s most populous nation, the Hangzhou summit on Sunday and Monday comes as an important opportunity to show the world that China has what it takes to help navigate world economic recovery.

It is the first time that Xi has chaired a G20 summit. Many hope the heavyweight get-together could set a course for global growth.

Speaking on Sunday afternoon minutes after welcoming the G20 leaders with handshakes, the president said he hoped the summit would prescribe a cure that would take the global economy onto a healthy growth trajectory.

"The therapy will take an integrative approach to address both the symptoms ...

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