President Xi’s South and Southeast Asia Visit

Xi’s Asia Visit to Boost ‘Belt and Road’ Construction and Promote BRICS Cooperation

(By Zhongsheng. Renmin Ribao (人民网, People’s Daily Online), Oct. 11, 2016. - 9125507.html. Complete text:) Chinese President Xi Jinping will pay state visits to Cambodia and Bangladesh, and attend the 8th BRICS summit to be held in Goa, India from Oct. 13 to 17. This trip is set to be a major diplomatic event, which has the potential to boost friendship, facilitate "Belt and Road" construction and promote BRICS cooperation.

China and Cambodia already enjoy close relations. Thanks to the efforts of the two countries’ leaders, the nations’ bilateral friendship has withstood the test of various international challenges since the establishment of diplomatic ties half a century ago. Cambodia unfailingly upholds justice and renders support to China over issues that concern China’s core interests. As the first visit paid by a major Chinese leader to Cambodia after the 18th CPC National Congress, Xi’s trip will significantly enhance the countries’ existing friendship and deepen bilateral cooperation.

Bangladesh is also a good neighbor, friend and partner of China. The two countries have maintained mutual respect, understanding and support over the past 41 years since establishing diplomatic relations. Given Bangladesh’s status as an important partner in South Asia and the Indian Ocean, China is looking forward to cooperation with Bangladesh on high-level exchanges, trade expansion, production capacity, energy development and infrastructure. Xi’s visit to Bangladesh, the first tour of the country by a Chinese president in 30 years, is a milestone for China-Bangladesh ties.

The Belt and Road Initiative aims to benefit the whole Asian region. The 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, part of the initiative, was firstly proposed by Xi during his Southeast Asia tour three years ago.

As Asian countries and friendly neighbors of China, both Cambodia and Bangladesh have shown willingness to participate in the ...

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