Antiterrorism as a Research Target for Political Science

Author: V.V. ZELYONY

Col. V.V. ZELYONY, Candidate of Political Sciences

Abstract. The paper offers a traditional view of antiterrorism and the author's interpretation of the notion, as well as the poltical manifestations and levels of antiterrorism.

keywords: terrorism, antiterrorism, political phenomenon, essence, content, forms of manifestation.

The National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation until 2020 describes terrorism as one of today's global challenges.1 The terrorist acts in Grozny, Chechnya, in December 2014, those in Paris in January 2015, and in november 2015, threats by the ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in the RF) to engage in anti-Russia terrorist activity, the explosion on board the Kogalymavia jet, and other recent terrorist acts point to the need to further improve the efficiency of countering terrorism. The theoretical support of the latter implies not only a study of the practice of fighting terrorism in this country and abroad,2 but also more efforts to comprehend the phenomena of terrorism and antiterrorism.

The work on preempting, curbing, and mitigating the consequences of terrorist acts, as well as attempts by the research community to devise optimum ways of removing terrorist risks and threats encouraged the emergence of a well-developed conceptual apparatus reflecting a variety of aspects of counterterror-ist activity. This includes various notions and categories, among them the fight against terrorism, counterterrorism, antiterrorism, countering terrorism, and numerous others. Specifying their content and volume, and outlining their semantic field may help adjust the work by international organizations, and also by state power bodies aimed at solving the problem of terrorism.

Contemporary terrorology, a science that studies terrorism, favors the view of antiterrorism as a strategy of actions. This strategy provides for a set of the so-called defensive measures whose purpose is to reduce the vulnerability of the public and property to terrorist activity. Antiterrorism correlates with counterter-rorism, offensive measures to preempt and contain terrorist activity, and also responses to terrorist acts.

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