Trends in Modernizing Foreign Armor Withdrawn from Iraq and Afghanistan


G.I. GOLOVACHOV, Doctor of Technical Sciences

Col. V.N. SOKOLENKO (Ret.), Candidate of Technical Sciences

Lt.Col. V.N. BORYUSHIN (Ret.)

Abstract. The authors list and analyze trends and technologies used in the United States and other countries for modernizing their armor withdrawn from Iraq and Afghanistan.

keywords: modernization, armor and armored weapons, military technologies, science-and-technology potential, modern technological achievements, development of advanced technologies.

Since 2013, the Coalition Forces of countries that over the last decade took part in combat actions on the territory of Iraq and Afghanistan have been withdrawing their ground troops and military hardware as planned to permanent stationing sites. A lot of the items, particularly armored weapons and military hardware (AWMH) had spent eight to ten years in combat areas, and so were in need of repair and modernization. Currently, the United States, Germany, France, and other European countries are witnessing an active phase of work on several AWMH modernization programs. The bulk of armor intended for modernizing consisted of pieces involved in hostilities in Iraq and Afghanistan. The tasks and goals named by the military leadership of the foreign countries varied from country to country because their military and industrial technologies were not on the same level of readiness, and also because their military and political leaders had different views on the nature and essence of future warfare. Yet, the characteristic feature of the present modernization stage in most foreign countries is using the experience of AWMH employment in local wars and armed conflicts of the last decade.1

When substantiating the concept of AWMH modernization, the coalition military leaders focused on seeking answers to the following questions: do modernized AWMH items have to display a revolutionary improvement in their per-

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formance characteristics or will a mere interim technological idea do; what modernization trends for AWMH combat properties should be considered priority; how soon is modernization to be completed; which ...

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