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L. Grigoryev, A. Kurdin: "The major reason for the negative attitude to the 1990s privatization and to private property is not so much the existing distribution of private property rights as the ambiguous and unfair rules of the distribution process (or the absence of such rules)... But the idea that it is necessary to get rid of at least the 'privatization heritage' is common not only among the general public, but also among Russia's political, financial and intellectual elite."

V. Romanenko: "International transit via the USSR equally met the national interests of the USSR and the strategic interests of Iran, Afghanistan and partly Turkey. As for the relations with the West European countries, transit back and forth along the Middle East-USSR-Western Europe route contributed to the economic recovery of post-war Europe, in spite of the varying levels of the Soviet Union's relations with each individual West European country."

S. Kazakova: "[T]he writer proposes his own model of industrialization of Russia, an industrial revolution without undermining the traditional rural way of life or the development of urban culture (whose corrupting influence on the people was much maligned at the time, including by the Slavophiles)."

L. Karasev: "[T]he 'dark matter of text' encompasses the meanings that are there but are not being conscious of and are not perceived as something 'understandable,' i.e., 'meaningful' and 'clear'... by comparing what seem to be invisible meanings to 'dark matter' I mean to show that they have something in common."

V. Vasilyev: "Progress in philosophy for the most part consists not in final solutions, but in slow... clarification of various themes, in discarding dead-end approaches and finding new ones. This is, as we shall see here, what has been happening with the problem of free will. The past decades have seen some interesting developments... One such development has been elaboration of the concept of classical compatibilism, as ...

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