Conference on Global Health Held in Shanghai

Author: Wu Chengliang, Bianji

China Pledges to Further Promote Global Health

(Xinhua News Agency, Nov. 21, 2016. Complete text:) Shanghai - Premier Li Keqiang on Monday [Nov. 21] said that China will continue to promote global health issues while providing assistance to other developing countries.

Li made the remarks during a speech in Shanghai at the opening ceremony of the Ninth Global Conference on Health Promotion (GCHP).

China has taken an active role in pushing forward global health, Li said, adding that China will continue to honor its international obligations.

In the past 50 years China has sent 20,000 medical workers to 67 countries and regions, treating more than 260 million patients, Li said.

When Ebola surfaced in West Africa in 2014, China dispatched 1,200 medical workers and public health experts to the affected areas, significantly helping to defeat the epidemic, Li said.

On further promoting global health, Li called on all countries to strengthen policy dialogue and set up platforms for medical governance cooperation.

Countries need to create a global public health safety control system, he suggested, adding that they should promote innovation cooperation to increase the ability to face medical challenges.

He also encouraged mutual learning and fusion between traditional medicine and modern medicine.

China’s healthcare development path is in line with its national situation, said Li.

China began its most recent round of healthcare reform in 2009, setting the goal of building a basic health care system covering urban and rural residents with universal health care.

The country now has a basic medical care network for 1.3 billion people thanks to years of efforts, in addition to rural and community health care institutions that make access to medical treatment easier.

Currently, the average life expectancy in China is 76.3 years old. The maternal mortality rate has ...

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