Author: Aleksandr Mineyev

(By staff correspondent Aleksandr Mineyev. Novaya gazeta, Nov. 25, 2016, p. 6. Complete text:) Brussels - On Wednesday [Nov. 23], the European Parliament adopted a resolution to counteract [anti-EU] propaganda by Russia and the Islamic State [of Iraq and Sham, aka ISIS] (an organization banned in Russia). The document is controversial in terms of some of its assessments and proposed actions. The resolution was approved by 304 votes to 179, with 208 abstentions. Not a brilliant tally, but still enough [to pass].

Associating together in one document the Russian state and radical Islamist nongovernmental organizations like ISIS and Al Qaeda, both of which are banned in Russia, caused disputes even among the authors themselves.

Eugen Freund, a shadow rapporteur and former journalist from Austria, believes it was wrong to do so because it is wrong to lump together state policy and terrorism. Primary rapporteur Anna Fotyga, a former Polish foreign minister, and other shadow rapporteurs disagree with him: They claim they are not putting Russia on par with ISIS. This is only about methods and goals.

It is hard to argue with the conclusions of the operative clause.

It comments that hostile propaganda against the EU is part of "hybrid warfare" with the goal of "distorting truths, provoking doubt, dividing Member States, engineering a strategic split between the European Union and its North American partners and paralyzing the decision-making process, discrediting the EU institutions and transatlantic partnerships, which play a recognized role in the European security and economic architecture."

In the European parliamentarians’ view, this propaganda undermines and erodes the European narrative based on democratic values, human rights and the rule of law. It incites fear and uncertainty in EU citizens, as well as presenting "hostile state and nonstate actors as much stronger than they are in reality."

The deputies assert that Russia uses contacts with EU ...

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