Is Europe Turning to the Right - and Toward Russia?


EUROPE REBELS. (By Yevgeny Shestakov. Rossiiskaya gazeta, Nov. 29, 2016, p. 8. Condensed text:) The European Union is slowly but surely turning into a "house of cards" - those were the words of the Euronews journalist who was interviewing the European Commission president. Brussels is now forced to frantically look for ways to counteract the collapse of the [united] Europe project and prevent it from falling apart as Euroskeptics come to power in the Old World.

On Monday [sic; Sunday, Nov. 27], German President Joachim Gauck suggested his recipe for preserving the EU. He said the dire state of European integration was the result of this process moving too quickly: "Not all citizens were able to keep pace or wanted to do so." Interestingly enough, one solution Gauck suggested was for Europeans to partially return to their own apartments: "Not everyone feels like a world citizen. People need a home, a homeland; they want to feel like they belong to something."

Is Brussels prepared to take Gauck’s suggestion and put further integration of European countries with the EU on hold? There is no clear answer. In his interview with Euronews, European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker, on the contrary, defended an offensive strategy for the European Commission, saying that this was the EU’s last chance to protect the very idea of a united Europe. Nevertheless, while admitting that there is a "gulf between Europe’s citizens and the public and political activity of the EU," Juncker did not offer any possible solutions.

The European Parliament’s resolution dedicated to [condemning the propagandistic nature of] the Russian media [see Current Digest, Vol. 68, No. 47, pp. 18 - 19 - Trans.] demonstrates the degree of panic over the possibility that politicians who advocate reevaluating liberal dogmas will come ...

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