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Author(s)Konstantin Volkov
SourceCurrent Digest of the Russian Press, The ,  No.48,  Vol.68, November  28, 2016, page(s):17-18
  • Foreign Policy
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Author: Konstantin Volkov

(By Konstantin Volkov. Nezavisimaya gazeta, Dec. 5, 2016, p. 3. Complete text:) The fact that the [Russian] president approved a new Foreign Policy Concept literally a day before his Message to the Federal Assembly [see coverage in the first feature, above] was noted primarily by foreign policy wonks and professionals. However, this is a very important event, in my opinion, including because the new document was adopted just three years after the former one. After all, these kinds of strategic documents are adopted for the long term. And since a new mission statement has become necessary, there must be good reason for it.

It is not that some part of the 2013 Concept was invalid or did not conform to the realities of that time. But the realities themselves have changed, and I’d say dramatically. The past three years have been the most intense since the end of the cold war. The Ukrainian crisis and various countries’ perceptions of it have unquestionably had a powerful influence. International terrorism is at a new level. Although considerable success has been made in resolving the problem of the Iranian nuclear program, at the same time, the issue of North Korea has escalated. This means that the threat of the proliferation of nuclear weapons around the world is still among the most pressing issues. Very strong migration flows and the increasing strengthen (not only economic, but political and military) of Asian giants have led to increased tension along the East-West and North-South

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axes. Even the seemingly stable West has entered a turbulent phase. Most important for us is that the process of Eurasian integration is moving right along. All of this calls for Russia to make an appropriate assessment at the conceptual level and formulate appropriate foreign policy responses.

But I would caution against searching for any revolutionary innovations in the new Concept. And ...

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