The Islamic State Is a Trojan Horse for Eurasia


Col. A.N. BELSKY, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences

O.V. KLIMENKO, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences

Abstract. The authors look at the issue of European security in the context of large migration flows that have brought not only a new mode of life to many European countries, but also new threats and the most serious challenges since WWII. They suggest a certain set of tools to prevent a similar situation in the Russian Federation.

Keywords: terrorist attacks, gunmen, refugees, illegal migration, geopolitical reshaping of the world, Islamic creed, jihad, Moslem way of life.

The turbulent stream of migrants and refugees inundating Europe has been the most serious challenge to the Old World since the times of World War II. Thousands of migrants arriving in the European Union (EU) from he Middle East and Africa leave their native parts trying to escape death, devastation, hunger and poverty that came with war, or rather with the US theory of controlled chaos translated into reality. The lethal weapon in the form of American democracy distributed across the world has brought about numerous armed conflicts involving both illegal armed formations and all manner of terrorist organization.

If organizations of this kind emerge, there must be someone who wants them; there are the goals and tasks, the funding and other things that not only keep them going, but also encourage their spread. Accordingly, there are the tactics and strategy, the forms and methods of their use, which are the job of specially trained people. Who are they then, these puppeteers? What is their ultimate aim? Let us try and find out who needed a tense situation in Europe that is suffocating under an avalanche of migration problems and appears to be unable to solve them, its prosperity and well-being notwithstanding. The events unfolding with lightning speed in virtually all of Europe's states makes one wonder what Europe may look like tomorrow if ...

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