The Russian Track: As Barack Obama Leaves, He Leaves Ruins S. Ryabkov... 1

Ban Ki-moon's Legacy and Global Issues V. Churkin... 13

Effects of the Unipolar World Concept on European and Global Security Systems L. Voronkov... 21

The U.S. Middle East Policy: Stages and Instruments A. Biryukov... 36

The Military Reform in China: Strategic, Political, Organizational, and Administrative Aspects A. Kokoshin... 52


Who Controls the Internet Controls the World A. Krutskikh... 68

The 25th Anniversary of the CIS: We Are Destined to Be Together S. Lebedev... 77


The Inter-Parliamentary Union: Will the Mountain Bring Forth a Mouse or Interference in Non-interference? K. Kosachev... 89

The Psychological Factor in Foreign Policy as an Element of Strategic Forecasting V. Surguladze... 99

Centers of Power and Multipolarity: A Historical Perspective A. Frolov... 112

The National Identity Factor in Today's France E. Osipov... 127

Political Aspects of Modern Islam A. Podtserob... 137


Russia and the West: Time for Détente 2.0 A. Orlov, V. Mizin... 145


Russia and Europe: Current Issues in Modern International Journalism A. Oganesyan, A. Fedotov, T. Naumova, Ján Čarnogurský, Werner Fasslabend, Hans Koechler, O. Zinkovsky, Pavol Dinha, A. Richter, Tiberio Graziani, Vedat Sevincer, Seherinha Ivanovska, A. Bikantov, Chavdar Minchev, Marián Tkáč, P. Fyodorov, Ya. Skvortsov, A. Bekmatov, E. Sutormina, O. Solodukhin, Stanislav Slabeycius, Lenka Eremidsovd... 157


Cooperation Between Russia and Tajikistan: Present and Future I. Lyakin-Frolov... 201

Mongolia and Russia: The 95th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations Between the Two Countries Banzragch Delgermaa... 214

Positive Dynamics of Russia's Relations With Spain Yu. Korchagin... 221

Further Development of Chinese-Russian Relations for the Benefit of Both Countries Li Hui... 225


The Storm Warning that Was Ignored: How NATO's ...

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