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In This Issue:

T. Khabrieva, N. Chernogor: "While consistently taking measures to counter corruption we should not overestimate the legal possibilities. Legal regulation and the activities of state law-enforcement agencies alone cannot guarantee a definitive solution to the problem. Today it is a problem of not only ideology, but worldview. Systematic efforts are needed to promote an anti-corruption legal consciousness and legal culture among individuals and society."

L. Byzov: "One has the impression that the Russian conservative trend itself, though not changing its direction, has reached-or at least approached-the limit where some absolutely objective factors have come into play to hamper its evolution."

S. Levin, K. Sablin: "... a seemingly paradoxical situation has arisen in modern Russia, where low effectiveness is demonstrated by both competing institutional projects: 'liberal' and 'dirigiste.' The reason is that both 'liberal' experts-who say their programs are based on postulates that are not only grounded in theory, but have also been tested in global economic practice-and 'market realists' from the Stolypin Club use idealized models of development agents as represented by 'classical' entrepreneurs and 'rational' bureaucrats."

D. Melnik: "Moralizing rhetoric concerning economic problems traditionally tends to increase in periods of crisis... In search of an answer to modern challenges, politicians and public figures increasingly discuss not economic policy measures... but an ideal social setup which would limit the motives of personal gain and commit the current and future generations to the interests of the common good."

A. Medushevsky: "My main purport is to build a case for the liberal concept of justice. I believe that today we in our society have a cognitive dissonance which manifests itself in rivalry between three main projects of 'justice'-the conservative, left-populist and rational-liberal. The trouble is that the latter-liberal-project has yet to be articulated."

A. Baranov: "In contrast to the general approach to political linguistics studies, which proceeds from the assumption that ideological ...

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