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(Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

No. 3, 2016: Ye. Terukov, O. Shutkin. Prospects of the Solar Energetics in Russia; A. Kuznetsov. Foreign Investments of Russian Companies: Competition with Western European and East Asian TNC; Theoretical and Practical Significance to Study the International Investment Activity. Paper Discussion; S. Bucher. Aging of the Population in Russia: Current Trends and Indicators; V. Molodin, N. Polosmak. Multidisciplinary Approach to the Study of Archaeological Sites with Mummified Objects; Zh. Toshchenko. A New Social Class; A. Avilova. What Are the Prospects of Organic Farming in Russia?; S. Bartsev et al. A New Look at the Dynamics of the Earth's Climate.

No. 4, 2016: V. Tishkov. Languages of the Nation; V. Davydov. Strategic Partnership in the Context of Russian-Latin American Relations; Towards a Polycentric World. Paper Discussion; V. Ilyin. Fundamental Questions of Mathematical Modeling; V. Rabashkin. Peasantry Study and the History of Agrarian Relations in Russia; V. Barelko et al. Catalytic Conversions of Fluids; F. Zaydelman. Gley Formation Process as a Factor of Soils Transformation; A. Yurevich. Patriotism as a Scientific Problem; Ye. Popov. Culture of the Scientific Community Is Based on the Methodology of Economic Science; S. Aldoshin. Life as a Chain Reaction of Cognition. The 120th Birth Anniversary of Academician N. Semyonov.

No. 5, 2016: A. Chubaryan. World War II in Contemporary Historiography and Public Consciousness: We Have to Resist the Falsification of History. Paper Discussion; A. Dedov. Materials and Technologies for the Processing of Raw Gas: Problems, Prospects. Solutions; Gas Processing Industry of the 21st Century. Paper Discussion; Ye. Yegorov. Scientific Support of the Wine Industry in the Russian Agricultural Sector; ...

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