Xi Jinping: Leader of China’s Great Revival

(Xinhua News Agency, March 13, 2017. Complete text:) Beijing - Can China do it? This is the crucial question for the world’s biggest and boldest economic, political and social experiment.

At the core of understanding the country’s prospects is the governance philosophy of its leader, Xi Jinping.

Xi is leading more than 1.3 billion people on the March toward the Chinese Dream - an end to the worst kinds of poverty, and the rejuvenation of a nation that has already made astonishing progress in creating prosperity.

The 63-year-old reformer has brought his own thinking to bear on problems that will be faced down the road, especially after a year of tumultuous world events.

With the concerns of the people his first and foremost concern, Xi’s experience, commitment, determination and ability to govern and lead have become something of a rarity on the global political stage.

Later this year, the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) will elect new leadership for another five-year term, the crunch period for Xi’s vision of a well-off nation by the Party’s 100th anniversary.

By 2020, China’s gross domestic product is expected to exceed 90 trillion RMB ($13 trillion). There should be a middle-class population of about 400 million in the country by then, a huge market for the world.

The goal is fast approaching, and will only be met if officials at all levels can align their thinking with that of the central leadership, and act according to the "four comprehensives" raised by Xi: the cornerstones of prosperity, reform, rule of law and strict Party governance. The strategy aims to lead the country to modernization and a standing at the center of the world stage.

This is China’s own story, one neither copied from other countries nor imposed on any.

At the ...

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