China Continues Efforts in Fighting Drug Crimes

(Xinhua News Agency, March 27, 2017. Complete text:) Beijing - China uncovered 1,481 drug-related cases involving foreign suspects in 2016, the National Narcotics Control Commission said Monday [March 27].

A total of 1,876 foreign suspects were caught for drug-related offenses and 6.6 [metric] tons of drugs were confiscated last year, the commission said, adding that online drug trafficking also grew last year.

In 2016, Chinese police caught 21,000 suspects in a campaign to crack down on online drug trafficking, confiscating 10.8 [metric] tons of drugs, it said.

China also handled 446 drug-dealing cases in 2016 involving guns, covering 29 provincial level regions, it said.


According to a report issued by the commission, Chinese police handled 583 cases related to drug production and busted 438 drug-production sites nationwide last year.

The report said police uncovered 33 cases that involved more than a [metric] ton of drugs in 2016, more than double the previous year. There were also 78 cases involving more than 100 kilograms of drugs, a year-on-year increase of 32%.

Last year, police uncovered 444 cases of producing, transporting, selling and purchasing chemicals and equipment used in drug production, according to the report.

It also noted that China faces great challenges in controlling new psychoactive substances, saying that despite the country listing 116 psychoactive substances as controlled substances in October 2015, illegal drug producers continue to create new drugs.

Cocaine cases.

Chinese police confiscated 430.6 kg of cocaine in 64 smuggling cases in 2016, according to the report.

Cocaine mainly enters southern China’s Guangdong Province and Hong Kong from South America, and by the end of 2016, China had 394 registered cocaine abusers.

The Golden Triangle in Southeast Asia remains the main source for methamphetamine consumed in China, it said.

It also ...

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