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Yu. Osipov: "It is precisely the developed sphere of fundamental science that plays the role of a tracking system of sorts in the boundless field of new knowledge and identifies the relevant milestones of practical activities. Finally, fundamental science comprises a huge layer of human culture. This explains why fundamental science forms an independent factor of the state's strength and why it requires special attention and support. "

R. Nigmatulin, D. Sorokin: "Russia still preserves a unique potential of scientific and technological knowledge which, if used adequately, could transform our country into a leader in the production of this kind, very much needed in the present highly developed economic systems. "

S. Valentey, L. Nesterov: "Today, the size and quality of human capital (knowledge, health, mobility) becomes the main factor of society's sustainable development. For that reason the increase of the state's and business' investment in man is a strategic line to raise the economy's effectiveness. "

T. Oyzerman: "The principle of socialism, according to its theoreticians, starting with Utopian socialists and finishing with the founders of Marxism, is brought to a short and expressive formula: from everyone-according to one's abilities, to everyone- according to the quantity and quality of one's labor. However, it occurred neither to the founders of Marxism nor to their followers: was this principle feasible outside the framework of the market economy?"

Yu. Latov, T. Nestik: "Two differing viewpoints offer ...different explanations ...proposing differing methods of examining the shadow economy. We can conventionally call these two different approaches desotoianism and myrdalism in honor of the Peruvian economist Hernando de Soto who was inclined to deal with this problem from a legal point of view, and Gunnar Myrdal, the renowned Swedish economist and Nobel prize winner, who stood on culturological positions. "

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