• Military Thought
  • 2003-03-31MTH-No. 001
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Author: Col. O. N. KALINOVSKIY chief editor of the Military Thought journal

Oleg Nikolaevich KALINOVSKIY, born on March 7, 1954, in the town of Tavda, Sverdlovsk Region; the Sumy Higher Artillery Command School (1975), with top honors; the M. I. Kalinin Artillery Academy (1989), with top honors; platoon, battery, battalion staff commander in the Belarussian, Turkestan Military Districts; from December 1981 until March 1984, battery commander (201st Motorized Infantry Division) in the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan; after graduating from the Academy Command Department, assigned to the Defense Ministry Central Scientific Research Institute (TsNII MO)-junior research associate, senior research associate, chief of laboratory; Cand. Sc., a dissertation on military cybernetics, information science, and systems analysis; author of more than 30 scientific works; on the Military Thought staff since 1996: editor, deputy chief editor (from 1998); appointed chief editor in June 2002.

Dear readers.

This is the first issue of a monthly military-theoretical journal, Military Thought. It is symbolic that in the year of its 85th anniversary the journal is returning (after an eight-year "hiatus") to a periodicity that our constant and loyal readers were accustomed to. This is especially important in the present conditions since the ongoing drastic reform of the state's military organization requires an appropriate military-scientific and scientific-informational support. Today, like never before, it is important that a certain measure of disparity that exists between military theory and practice does not turn into an insurmountable chasm, when theory either fails to catch up with practice or practice, driven by time-serving interests, rejects all achievements by domestic and foreign military thought.

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