Belt and Road Forum Held in Beijing

Belt and Road Not to Shatter World Order, But to Fix It

(Xinhua News Agency, May 13, 2017. Complete text:) Beijing - When world leaders convene in Beijing seeking ways to connect Asia, Europe and Africa for shared economic benefits, they are doing their part for a fairer world order.

The upcoming Belt and Road forum which opens on Sunday [May 14] will discuss fairer use of resources to improve infrastructure and ensure the free flow of goods and services.

For decades, resources have been hogged by developed nations leaving developing nations with a vast deficit in infrastructure and social development.

With emerging and developing economies now contributing more than 60% of global growth, it is time to make some changes.

The Belt and Road is a solution suggested by China. Since 2013, China has already invested more than $50 billion on railways, roads and ports in nations which have for many years been largely neglected by the West.

The impact of the initiative is conspicuous in the least developed nations in Africa and Asia where China offers a once-in-a-lifetime crack at moderate prosperity.

As some western countries move backwards by erecting "walls," China is contriving to build bridges, both literal and metaphorical. These bridges are China’s important offering to the world, and a key route to improving global governance. Proposed by China, the Belt and Road is for all to enjoy.

A new economic paradigm is emerging to patch up the holes in global governance, not rip up the existing world order and throw it away.

China’s economic and social development has benefited greatly from an open and interdependent global system. It is not in the interests of China to dismantle the current system, but renovation of the current architecture will bring greater benefits to China and the rest of ...

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