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S. Glinkina: "The 'developmental stages' approach in assessing post-communist transformation was dominant not only in Russia, but virtually throughout the world for about a quarter of a century... Within the mainstream, the socialist period was seen as a deviation from the historical course of human development (an experiment, crime, etc.), and the transformational transition, as a return to civilization. In the process of transformational reform, however, much of this became less certain."

N. Tikhonova: "...the main theoretical problems in the field of income stratification ... are whether a stable model has taken shape in Russia, whether a sustained downward trend of real incomes is changing it, and how that model is perceived by the country's citizens."

M. Urnov, V. Kasamara: "The most perilous phenomenon, as we see it, is the combination of relatively weak liberal attitudes and a comparatively small values gap between them and the rest of the country's population; the phenomenon is characteristic of Russian students... the inner potential for change in Russian society will be quite modest in the foreseeable future. This means conservation of the numerous existing negative traits and phenomena and aggravation of the lag behind the world leaders."

Yu. Latov: " the near term (the next year or two) a revolutionary situation for Russia will be merely a distant menace... especially if Russia finally starts to extricate itself from the economic crisis. But the late 2010s may be a dangerous time if the imminent world economic crisis is combined with the pent-up discontent with the performance of the Russian government... Under these conditions the volatility of Russian public consciousness... may turn out to be a highly dangerous factor."

N. Zarubina: "It seems that the 'axial problem' around which Russian civilization is developing is the need to arrive at the best possible balance between various ideas about justice and solidarity. Throughout the dramatic history of Russia ...

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