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(Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

No. 6, 2016: Scientific Session of the RAS General Meeting "Scientific Basis of Efficiency and Safety of Pharmaceuticals." Keynote Speech by RAS President Academician V. Fortov; Speech by Minister of Public Health of the Russian Federation, Corresponding Member of RAS V. Skvortsova; Innovative Pharmaceuticals in the 21st Century. Report by Academician A. Chuchalin; Methodology for Searching and Creation of Original Drugs. Report by Academician S. Seredenin; Innovative Medicines: From Fundamental Research to Production. Report by Academician N. Myasoyedov; A New Class of Nitrogen Monoxide Donors. Report by Academician S. Aldoshin, Doctor of Chemical Sciences N. Sanina, Academician M. Davydov, Academician V. Chazov; Vector Nanosystems for Drug Delivery to Target Cells. Report by Academician V. Chekhonin, Academician A. Potapov, Academician A. Konovalov; Recombinant Antibodies and Recombinant Proteins-Drugs of Prolonged Action. Report by Corresponding Member of RAS A. Gabibov; Regulation of Gene Activity and New Drugs. Report by Corresponding Member of RAS V. Kiselyov and Academician M. Paltsev; Safe Pharmaceuticals: Myth or Realities. Report by Academician A. Archakov, Doctor of Biological Sciences O. Lipatova, Corresponding Member of RAS A. Lisitsa, Doctor of Biological Sciences S. Moshkovsky; Computer Modeling in Molecular Medicine and Construction of Drugs. Report by Corresponding Member of RAS S. Varfolomeyev, Candidate of Chemical Sciences S. Lushekina, Doctor of Chemical Sciences A. Nemukhin; Pharmacological Strategy for Regenerative Medicine. Report by Academician A. Dygay; Designing of Influenza Vaccines according to the Genetic Profile of the Population. Report by Academician G. Onishchenko, Academician O. Kiselyov; Scientific Basis for Developing of Antiviral and Antibacterial Drugs. Report by Academician O. Chupakhin, Academician V. Charushin, Corresponding Member of ...

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