What Kind of Warfare Should the Russian Armed Forces Be Prepared for?


Col. V.A. KISELYOV (Ret.), Doctor of Military Sciences

Abstract. Thise paper outliness certain trends in the buildup, development, and training of Russia's Armed Forces stemming from analysis of the prospective nature and content of future wars.

Keywords: hybrid warfare, information operation, network centrism, cognitive centrism, aerospace strike echelon, behavioral weapons.

The practice of military conflicts of the last few decades, and also the extensive development of information technologies and high-precision weapons (HPW), are revealing considerable interest in the essence, nature, content, and forms of future warfare. The theory of the matter would be best advanced along two lines.

■ Line one is to do with wars waged strictly to destroy the country's infrastructure, when its military and economic potential gets wrecked while its armed forces are hardly attacked at all, since no one wants to send their ground troops to invade the country's territory. There, the means of destruction used in the course of hostilities are typically the high-precision kind, chiefly cruise missiles and aviation, which makes launches without the aircraft entering the AD range whenever possible. The wars that come under this category include the 1999 bombing of Yugoslavia, for example.

■ Line two refers to wars conducted in order to seize the country's territory as such and subsequently "establish (restore) democracy" there. At the first stage of this kind of warfare armed struggle relies on missile-aerial attacks directly on military formations with some of the country's economy put out of operation. This is done to exert moral influence on the country's population rather than to undermine its economic capabilities. Eventually, ground forces will invade the country's territory and play the decisive role in attaining the war objectives. A perfect example of this type of warfare is two aggressions against Iraq (in 1991 and 2003). Wars

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like that start with a noncontact phase, when concentrated strikes by cruise missiles and various ...

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