BRICS Summit in Xiamen

As the BRICS Summit Opens in Xiamen, China’s Tradition of Engagement and Friend Making Is Unmistakable

(By Ronald Kato. Renmin Ribao (人民网, People’s Daily Online), Sept. 4, 2017. - 9264117.html. Complete text:) At this year’s BRICS summit in Xiamen, five other developing and emerging economies are in attendance. China has employed a "BRICS Plus" approach this year by inviting leaders from Egypt, Guinea, Mexico, Tajikistan and Thailand to attend the summit. The goal was for "a more broadly based partnership," according to Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

Although BRICS is a grouping that also includes Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa, China’s commitment to stronger partnerships and south-south development is evident if not unmistakable.

China’s policy to engage any country for development and cooperation purposes regardless of their history, political or economic system is conspicuously present in this year’s BRICS agenda.

It is China saying that development and prosperity cannot be exclusive to a few countries but rather shared, equitably, with the world.

Stronger partnerships, brighter future.

There is talk that the leaders may discuss expanding BRICS include new members. If this actually happens, it will breathe fresh impetus into the grouping, whose global influence has grown widely as it marks its tenth anniversary.

With 42% of the world’s population, the inclusion of new members into the bloc will only grow its demographic and numeric advantage. At a time when world growth is seeing a slump, BRICS has accounted for 50% of the increase in world growth, driven mainly by China and India.

The BRICS also account for 23% of global gross domestic product - a figure that is expected to steadily increase.

Global governance, BRICS and China’s time.

At a time when America’s role and influence especially in the developing world is waning, BRICS must prepare to ...

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