Using Airborne Forces


Col. O.S. TANENYA, Candidate of Military Sciences

Col. V.N. URYUPIN (Ret.), Candidate of Military Sciences

Abstract. This paper examines issues of using Airborne Forces and their action methods in the context of the new trends in contemporary combined arms combat actions (operations), falling back on the experience of armed conflicts of varying intensity, and also actions of Russia's Aerospace Forces and the Navy in the Syrian Arab Republic.

Keywords: Airborne Forces, airdrop force, air envelopment, forms of employment and action methods of landing operations.

At present, Russia has five united strategic commands in operation (North, West, South, Center, East), which include fleets with surface and submarine forces, naval aircraft, Coast Guard troops and Air Defense, Ground Forces units and formations, the Air Force and Air Defense Troops, Aerospace Defense Forces, units and formations of the Task Forces. The Airborne Forces (ABF) as an AF branch in its own right, being a reserve of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the RF Armed Forces, can be used on his decision at any theater of operations (TOO). In this connection, already in peacetime ABF units and formations take part in exercises on various scales in regions whose physical and geographic conditions (PGC) differ considerably. A case in point is the exercise in the Arctic, Caucasus 2016 command-and-staff training exercise and also the largest-scale employment of airdrop force on recent record in the Crimea held in the course of a surprise troop inspection.

It has to be said that the ABF can be used outside Russian territory as well, both on its own and within the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) framework in cooperation with army units of the organization member states. Not infrequently ABF units constitute the core of peacemaking forces and tackle specific problems of warring forces disengagement, creating safety zones and maintaining peace.

The TOOs, their operational equipment and PGC, the makeup of troop groupings ...

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