"The U.S. Is Less and Less Inclined to Look for Compromise"

Author: Sergey Ryabkov

Sergey Ryabkov, Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation

Armen Oganesyan, Editor-in-Chief, International Affairs: Sergey Alexeyevich, the anti-Russia legislation that was approved by the U.S. Congress and signed by President Donald Trump has been actively discussed recently. Does the fact that this act as such was signed mean the onset of a prolonged period of U.S. political and economic confrontation with our country or is this document, which limits President Trump's powers, more of a factor in the domestic political struggle in the U.S.?

S. Ryabkov: Both. What President Trump said, as he signed the bill into law, with regard to his rejection of the attempts by both houses of Congress to encroach on the president's constitutional powers speaks for itself.

However, as far as confrontation between our states is concerned, I would not go too far and make such sweeping generalizations. I hope that the situation will not get to the point of confrontation. We will seek to minimize damage if not overcome the destructive effect of the act.

The problem is that without new legislation, which would repeal everything that they have done, having messed up Russia-U.S. relations, - legislation that would need to be adopted by both houses of Congress - it would be very difficult to get rid of all this. That would require a lot of effort. Such are the facts. This is about a congressional decision that would have lasting effects. It is hard to say right now how long it would take at least to work out a more or less acceptable modus operandi with the U.S. We will try to do our best.

Q: To what extent can the U.S. president pursue his own foreign and domestic policy and is he ready for that under the circumstances?

A: I would not say that the Trump administration is exactly calling shots in formulating the foreign policy ...

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