Cooperation the Focus of Trump State Visit

China-US Ties Should Be Propelled With Far-Sighted Horizon

(By Zhong Sheng. Renmin Ribao (人民网, People’s Daily Online), Nov. 10, 2017 - 9291090.html. Complete text:)US President Donald Trump began his state visit to China on Wednesday [Nov. 8], with the world expecting it to bring positive signals for the development of bilateral relations and hopes that China-US cooperation will contribute to world stability and prosperity.

This visit, responding to an invitation of China’s President Xi Jinping, is China’s first state visit to follow the 19th Communist Party of China (CPC) National Congress. It comes as the international community watches to see what changes it will bring to China-US relations as we enter an historic juncture of development.

Xi made its clear in his 19th CPC National Congress report that China will stay on the peaceful development path, continue its mutually beneficial opening-up strategy, have a convergence of interests with more countries, and coordinate and cooperate more with major countries.

This can serve as China’s guiding design for its relationships with the world, and express the basic developmental philosophy of China-US ties.

The principle is that a China that strives for rejuvenation and continues to cooperate will provide new opportunities for both the US itself and China-US ties, but Xi also said that China will help to build a framework for major country relations through stability and balanced development.

China’s rise to power differs from that of other great powers in history in that its cooperation-oriented approach is a reflection of diplomacy with Chinese characteristics. In other words, on its journey, it will never be influenced by the old zero-sum mentality or merely seek a stable "transition of power."

Instead, it will work to build a new model of major-country relationship with the US, one that is conflict-free, non-confrontational, mutually respectful, with win-win cooperation to safeguard ...

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