Artificial Intelligence Rocking Markets, Expanding Applications

Author: Peter Mertz

(By Peter Mertz. Xinhua News Agency, Nov. 20, 2017. Complete text:) Denver, US - All investments, all predictions, all ironclad future megatrends point in one direction: Artificial Intelligence (AI), experts have predicted.

The AI market segment will jump from $126 billion in 2015 to 3.1 trillion by 2024, according to a Transparency Market Research prediction in September.

Thanks to AI, billionaire investor Mark Cuban says, "the upcoming decade will see the greatest technological revolution in history," and a Nov. 19 Los Angeles Times article headlined, "Chipmakers bet on the ‘big bang’ of artificial intelligence."

Nvidia Corporation is the world leader in AI - its NASDAQ stock more than doubling since May - to $200 a share on Oct. 30 - and hitting $213 a share Monday [Nov. 20] - with no end in sight.

"Nvidia’s invention of the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) in 1999 sparked the growth of the PC gaming market, redefined modern computer graphics, and revolutionized parallel computing," Nvidia spokesperson Kristin Bryson told Xinhua.

Bryson credits the GPU as "acting as the brain of computers, robots, and self-driving cars that can perceive and understand the world," and ushering in "the next era of computing" by igniting modern AI."

Nvidia is a $7 billion US company headquartered in Santa Clara, California, and was founded in 1993 by Taiwanese businessman Jensen Huang.


Beijing-based Lenovo is also spearheading AI research and commercial applications, and highlighted these efforts at SC17 in Denver last week.

No surprise to industry experts, Lenovo confirmed to Xinhua it is ramping up its AI efforts by partnering with North Carolina State University and University College of London to further its research efforts.

"Lenovo has more than 100 data scientists and AI developers across the world," Madhu Matta, Lenovo’s VP and General Manager, said in a ...

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