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S. Barsukova: "The agricultural reform of the 1990s, said to be motivated by economic expediency, was actually a tribute to the political plans of the reformers, who sought to implement the liberal project at any cost. The 'breakthrough to the market' became a tragedy for Russia's agriculture... Ironically, the struggle against socialism followed the Soviet logic of sacrificing the economy to a political project."

A. Zaostrovtsev: "[U]nless counter-sanctions seriously increase, patriotism will yet score many a victory over consumerism... It is no accident that the imperial element of the Russian national consciousness and political culture prevails over mundane motives."

S. Korotayev, O. Shkaratan: "High legitimacy of authority is achieved when people's ideas and the conventional rules become congruent. The inertia of thinking... limits the trends and means of state reforms. This explains why young democracies need a lot of time to acquire legitimacy and become efficient. In this situation formal procedures and their observation are not as important... as the quality of what state institutions are doing."

N. Smorodinskaya, D. Katukov: "The view that has been gaining more and more currency of late is that it is Western sanctions that are preventing Russia from breaking into the world markets. In reality the main obstacle is state monopolism and fragmentation of the internal environment."

M. Babkin: "Historians dealing with the topic of the Orthodox Church and the February 1917 Revolution face a serious choice... historical documents say that the members of the supreme governing body of the Orthodox Russian Church... the Holy Governing Synod... in corpore played an important role in toppling the monarchy in Russia... [But] the majority of members of that Holy Synod were canonized by the Assembly of Hierarchs of the Overseas Russian Orthodox Church... and the Russian Orthodox Church... Of course, the question suggests itself: what should be the basis in assessing the actions of the corresponding historical ...

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