Strengthening Law and Order and Combating Corruption in the Context of Eurasian Integration

T. Khabriyeva, N. Chernogor

No. 1

Axiological Transformation of Russian Society amid a Sociopolitical Crisis and Post-Crimea Syndrome

L. Byzov

No. 1

Post-Socialist Transformation in Light of Discussions on Capitalist Diversity

S. Glinkina

No. 2

Income Stratification in Russia: Characteristics of the Model and Its Trajectory of Change

N. Tikhonova

No. 2

Socially Responsible Consumption in Russia: Factors and the Development Potential of Market-oriented and Non-market Practices

M. Shabanova

No. 3

Perceptions of Fairness and Economic Inequality in a Comparative Cross-National Context

A. Andreyenkova

No. 3

The Impact of Global Value Chains on National Economic Systems and the Challenges Facing Russian Economic Policy

N. Smorodinskaya, D. Katukov

No. 4


Historical Memory as a Source of Knowledge of the Specific Features of Russian Civilization

N. Zarubina

No. 2

Empires on the Fringes of Europe: Russia and Britain in Comparative Perspective (Colonial and Borderlands Policy)

S. Malkin

No. 2

Agricultural Policy in Russia

S. Barsukova

No. 4

page 164

Reaction to Counter-sanctions: "The Price Doesn't Matter..."

A. Zaostrovtsev

No. 4

Evolution of Social Contract and Legitimization of Authority

S. Korotayev, O. Shkaratan

No. 4


"Politicized" Bureaucrats as Agents of Economic Development in "Resource-Rich" Regions

S. Levin, K. Sablin

No. 1

National Identity of Students in Russia and the USA

M. Urnov, V. Kasamara

No. 2

The Specter of a "Revolutionary Situation": Protest Actions and Protest Sentiments in Russia Today

Yu. Latov

No. 2

Post-Soviet Authoritarianism

Yu. Nisnevich, A. Ryabov

No. 3


Between Leviathan and Mammon: in Search for Moral Economics

D. Melnik

No. 1

Law and Justice: Russian Social Development in Modern and Recent Times

A. Medushevsky

No. 1

Justice and Equality: Linguistic and Extralinguistic Aspects

A. Baranov

No. 1


Social Transformation and Intergenerational Conflict (the Case of the North Caucasus)

I. Starodubrovskaya

No. 1

Multiple Modernities: Features of Bureaucratic Hierarchy and Corruption in Clannish Societies

E. Pain, D. Sharafutdinova

No. 2

Financing of Terrorist Networks in the North Caucasus

I. Dobayev, A. Dobayev

No. 3

page 165

1917-2017 Revolution and Violence (In Defense of a Historical Approach to Assessing the October 1917 Revolution) I. Pantin No. 1 On the Eve of the Centenary of the October 1917 Revolution (Some Results of Historical Research on the ...

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