Trump National Security Strategy Stresses Competition

Trump’s National Security Strategy Stresses Competition, Economic Security

(By Zhu Dongyang, Liu Chen and Matthew Rusling. Xinhua News Agency, Dec. 18, 2017. Complete text:) Washington - US President Donald Trump Monday [Dec. 18] announced the national security strategy, the first of its kind since he took office in January and the 17th since the former Reagan administration began to submit the report to the Congress in 1987.

The report, published by the executive branch of the government, articulates the worldwide interests, goals, and objectives of the US important to its security.

A world of competition.

In a speech delivered in the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, Trump said the report, developed for over a year, identifies four "pillars" or vital national interests: to protect the homeland and its people, promote US prosperity, preserve peace through strength, and advance US influence.

"This strategy recognizes that, whether we like it or not, we are engaged in a new era of competition. We accept that vigorous military, economic and political contests are playing out all around the world," he said.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson later issued a statement, saying the US"faces a 21st century global environment that presents unconventional threats from non-state actors, as well as challenges to our economic and national security from traditional state actors."

The strategy is based in the context of an ever-competitive world rife with political, economic and military competitions, where White House officials concede Washington "has not been competing as effectively as it might" and needs to do better to protect American interests.

Inclusion of economic security.

White House officials said the new thing about the report is the inclusion of economic and trade security.

The protection of the US"national security innovation base" has been highlighted. It’s a new term introduced to ...

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