Irregular Migration: Challenges and Threats to Security on the European Continent

Author: A.A. MIKHLIN

Abstract. The author examines the state of irregular migration that has developed over recent years on the European continent and its influence in creating new challenges and threats.

Keywords: irregular migration, terrorism, illegal drug trafficking, global challenges and threats of the present, criminal groups, current legislation, illegal entry.

The beginning of the 21st century is characterized by the escalation of the traditional threats and the emergence of new ones. Terrorism, illegal drug trafficking, irregular migration, and piracy at sea - here is an incomplete list of global challenges for mankind in the 21st century. To counter them, the countries' efforts integration not only at the regional level but also at the global one is required. In this connection, international cooperation issues take center stage in the fight against these challenges and threats.

The irregular migration, as a result of rapidly and unevenly developing globalization processes in different corners of the world, holds a specific place among new challenges and threats of the present. The urgency of this issue is significant as it comprises a number of important and interdependent components (economic, political, religious, law enforcement, etc.) as well as the causes the main among them apparently being poverty and numerous local armed conflicts (Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.), in particular based on religious strife and ethnic rivalry. These causes make people seek better life for themselves and their families.

The urgency of considering the danger of the present-day migration is in the fact that it becomes a kind of mass destruction weapon bringing the risk of drawing migrants into the illegal activity of smuggling, terrorist, pirate, and other transnational ethnic organized crime groups in the European Union territory.

So, what is migration?

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The definition of migration as the movement of people (migrants) across borders with the change of their location forever or for a long term is the most appropriate one.

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