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O. Sergeeva: "...marginality is an outcome and result of objective contradictions of social development in which man personifies the ethnic, economic, social, and cultural relations of a definite epoch in its spatial and temporal localization. The vectors of further development of the marginal subjects, environments, and loci may produce two opposite development trends: either negative (that deforms and destroys the already existing sociums) or positive (that creates qualitatively new sociocultural structures at the micro - and macrolevel)."

V. Fedotova: "What is likely to be an adequate form of the Russian state is not a modernized social state of the postindustrial period but the democratic social state of the industrial epoch... The country needs to develop the social state functions and create a package of social programs capable of meeting the population's requirement for justice and affording an opportunity to earn as much as one works. "

R. Nureev, A. Runov: "The fact that in the process of privatization the greater part of Russian state property went to insiders (in the final analysis, to former directors of enterprises) and not to outsiders precluded the emergence of the effective private owner. That also predetermined the inner causes of the profound transformational recession which occurred during the transition from the command economy to the market. "

V. Titov: "The disparity existing between the declared ideology of market transformations and the real socioeconomic conditions is what encourages considerable categories of the population to make independent interpretations of environment expectations and to look for acceptable forms of adaptation on the basis of previously acquired ideas and experience. "

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