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Deputy Chief of General Staff of RF AF

Alexander Sergeevich SKVORTSOV was born on May 13, 1948. He finished Ulyanovsk Guards Higher Military Command Tank School, Armored Troops Military Academy, and General Staff Academy.

Held command and staff positions, taught at the General Staff Academy (GSA), was GSA deputy chief for scientific work, served at the General Staff as first deputy directorate chief, aide to Chief of General Staff, deputy chief at the Main Directorate, chairman of the General Staff's Military Scientific Committee-aide to Chief of General Staff.

From 1999, Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Russian Federation Armed Forces.

June 1, 2003, marked the 85th anniversary of publication of the first issue of the Military Thought, the military theoretical journal of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and one of the oldest printed editions of the Armed Forces in this country. *

At all stages in the organizational development, evolution and use of the Armed Forces, the journal was due to mobilize the army and navy personnel, primarily the leader personnel and military scientists, in order that they develop the military science and the theories of military art, State military organizational development, and organizational development of the Armed Forces, as well as provide scientific and information support as regards the topical problems of military theory and practice to operational, operational-strategic and strategic command and control echelons and the Defense Ministry's higher military educational establishments.

The journal was founded as the printed mouthpiece of the Supreme Editorial Council under the Revolutionary Military Council of the Republic. Entitled

* It was published with different names: from June 1, 1918, to June 1920, Military Affairs; from 1921 to 1922, Military Science and Revolution; from 1922 to 1924, Military Thought and Revolution; from 1925 to 1936, War and Revolution; from January 1937 on, Military Thought. Hereinafter in this article, Military Thought.

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