Greetings to Current and Former Russian Foreign Ministry Staff on Diplomats' Day V. Putin... 1


"The Experience of Alliance and Brotherhood in Arms During World War II Is Especially Important Today" S. Lavrov... 3

The Battle of Stalingrad in Archival Documents 6


Expanding the Agenda and Tasks of International Counterterrorism Cooperation A. Lukmanov, D. Kovalyova... 9

The Role of the UN in Reaching Diplomatic Settlements of International Conflicts O. Lebedeva... 16

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson's Visit to Moscow in December 2017 A. Kramarenko... 29

Scientific and Technological Cooperation Between Russia and China as a New Reality in the Emerging Multipolar World Order A. Biryukov... 38

Russia's Antarctic Strategy V. Lukin... 55

USA-NAFTA: Reset After 40 Years? K. Kolpakov, V. Shagalov... 74


Two Oil Spaces Yu. Shafranik, V. Kryukov... 81


China's Leading Role in the New Structure of Global Governance Li Hui... 85

Brexit: Prehistory and Reasons E. Ananieva... 95

Models of American Political Conflictology in Today's International Crisis A. Filatov... 106

How Internal Political Conflicts Become Wars: General and Particular Aspects V. Vasiliev... 120

Civil Society and Global Governance A. Kanunnikov... 141

Providing High-Standard Services to Diplomats Posted in Russia A. Izotov... 149


International Information Security: Practical Measures and the Need for an Ethical Consensus V. Gasumyanov... 155


Russia and Japan at a Historical Crossroads A. Ilyshev-Vvedensky, M. Shvydkoy... 159

"No Foreign Policy Goal Is More Important to Australia Than Working to Keep Our Region Peaceful and Prosperous" Julie Bishop... 171

The 70th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations Between Russia and Myanmar N. Listopadov... 176


Contemporary Information Processes in the Post-Soviet Space A. Oganesyan, M. Yevdokimov, G. Muradov, A. Drobinin, V. Shtol, Ivan Blot, ...

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