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N. Pliskevich: "As a country of 'catch-up development,' Russia has repeatedly attempted to quickly make up for lost ground in the military-political sphere, which our rulers over the centuries have seen as the most important one for strengthening the state. Reforms ... are usually implemented by means of mobilization drives and are not accompanied by institutional or sociocultural changes... the technical and organizational innovations required by the power elites are introduced by methods customary for an outdated system."

N. Tikhonova: "Russia still identifies its poor the way the developing countries do, although the official living wage and the perception of poverty in Russian society indicate that in this respect it is more likely in the category of advanced countries."

E. Pain, S. Fedyunin: "Today, while Russia and the West seem to be developing in opposite directions and heading for a confrontation... they are going through similar processes in the intellectual sphere. In the early 21st century, a critical attitude to the idea of nation prevails in both Western and Russian enlightened circles... However, the causes of mistrust and actual renunciation of the nation as a form of self-organization differ in the two cases."

V. Stepin: "Accumulation of knowledge includes paradigmatic transformations that tolerate several scenarios of the system's development, the realization of each of them depending not only on intra-scientific facts (including intra- and inter-disciplinary interactions) but also on the nature of the sociocultural milieu that prefers some possible scenarios and blocks off the rest... Even if one of the programs is accepted as promising and dominant and the ideas of alternative programs are assessed as unproductive, they might acquire a new lease on life at later stages of scientific evolution. This creates a new interpretation of continuity."

S. Horujy: "Since the beginning of the Third Millennium, Russian politics, the Church sphere, public life and mass media have increasingly been dominated ...

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