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(Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

No. 1, 2017: N. Shamsutdinov et al. Halophytes: Ecological Features, Global Resources, and Outlook for Multipurpose Use; A. Tatarkin et al. Socioeconomic Problems in the Development of the Russian Arctic Zone; V. Ivanter. Prospects for Recovery of Economic Growth in Russia; G. Matisov et al. Climate and Large Marine Ecosystems of the Arctic; A. Volkov, A. Sidorov. Invisible Gold; V. Petrenko, O. Mitina. A Psychosemantic Approach to Reconstruction of Political Mentality: Research Methods and Examples; A. Grigoryev et al. The Problem of the Radiation Barrier during Piloted Interplanetary Flights; V. Ivanov, G. Malinetsky. Applying systems analysis and modeling to the fulfillment of defense contracts; I. Andreyev. The Aquatic Nanofoundation of Human Life and Health; A. Grinev. The Problem of Citation in the Humanities.

No. 2, 2017: G. Romanenko. Genetic Resources of Plants, Animals, and Microorganisms as the Basis for Basic Agricultural Research; I. Savchenko. Breeding New Varieties and Hybrids of Agricultural Plants; V. Fisinin. The Creation of High-yield Animal and Poultry Breeds and Crosses; I. Tikhonovich et al. Metagenomic Technologies of Detecting Genetic Resources of Microorganisms; V. Tutelyan. Ensuring the Safety of Genetically Engineered and Modified Organisms for Food Production; N. Kolchanov et al. Status and Prospects of Markerassisted and Genomic Plant Breeding; L. Aksyonova, L. Rimareva. Directed Conversion of Protein Modules of Plant and Animal Foods; I. Kulikov, L. Marchenko. Genetic Methods of Creating New Varieties of Garden Plants; I. Donnik, I. Shkuratova. Molecular-genetic and Immunobiochemical Markers in Assessing the Health of Agricultural Animals; B. Pivovarov et al. Molecular and Biotechnological Methods of Creating Genetic Resources for Vegetable Crops; G. Lavrinov ...

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