"Such Negative Relations Between Washington and Moscow Are Unacceptable"

Author: L. Slutsky

Armen Oganesyan, Editor-in-Chief of International Affairs: Leonid Eduardovich, some time has passed since the meeting between the Russian and U.S. presidents in Helsinki, but it still gives the U.S. political establishment no peace. New topics for discussion are coming up in U.S. government agencies. How do you assess the past summit and the prospects for Russian-US. relations overall?

Leonid Slutsky: At present, anti-Russian hysteria has seized the U.S. However, there is also a different attitude toward our country in the U.S. We are in contact with dozens of politicians and civil society representatives who are absolutely normal, constructive and not affected by this anti-Russian virus. I believe that such negative relations, such a low point in bilateral relations between Washington and Moscow as now, are unacceptable. This can lead to completely unpredictable consequences. For example, if negotiations on extending the New START treaty do not resume in the near future, the nonproliferation regime, which has been in effect already for half a century, will just collapse in three years.

I would like to believe that the Helsinki summit will be a starting point for a new round of positive developments, but final judgment can be passed a little later, after congressional elections that all political forces in the U.S. are preparing for. The State Department has issued the so-called "Crimea Declaration." It could have been adopted a year ago but was adopted only now. This document challenges the positive tone of the talks between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump and at the same time provides the Republicans a kind of electoral insurance against mass attacks on the president.

Leonid Slutsky, Chairman of the RF State Duma's International Affairs Committee

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